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Weight Loss Progress – Week 3

by fitfoodaddict
Weight Loss Progress – Week 3

3.4 lbs lost this week!  This takes the total weight loss to 19.6 lbs since I started on May 11. I wish I could say I am happy with the results, but I can’t. The reason is that I overate on three occasions during the week and that inevitably affected the results. I am sure I would seen better results had I stuck to my eating plan.

Weight Loss

All in all, I lost 19.6 lbs since I started 24 days ago. Not bad at all considering 18.2 lbs came from fat loss. This is all by just eating healthy and delicious meals, without any deprivations.


Steady weight loss continued into week 3, exhibiting a similar pattern which is another confirmation for me that my healthy eating plan works and I don’t need to change anything other than sticking to my eating plan.








Neck size went down by 1/8″ according to my measurements, while abdomen shrunk by a measly 1/2″. Well, a loss is a loss and I will take anything.



The biggest issue this week has been overeating, more on that later, and I am sure this is exactly what has caused me see less than optimal results this week.

Fat loss

According to my body fat calculator, I lost 2.4 pounds of fat or 0.38% of body fat and lost 0.2 pounds of lean mass. Like I said, a loss is a loss, but I am confident these results could have been better had I stuck to the plan.


Lean Weight


After week 3 my lean weight has barely changed from last week, which is great. I am happy to see fat coming off and lean weight remaining constant.




Only one cheat to report this week. On Thursday night I feel what i would call ‘unmanageable hunger’. I broke down and had a small salad, two boiled eggs and a couple of fruits – a banana and a peach.


My hunger has been under control pretty much the entire week. It was quite the opposite, actually. A lot of times I felt like I was eating a tad too much trying to finish my planned meals.

I lowered my calories on Wednesday, May 31 by about 400 calories and that was the only day when I felt a strong hunger in the evening, though it was quite manageable. Since it was later at night, about 9pm, I decided to not have a snack and had a glass of water with metamucil instead. It helped. What do I mean by manageable? Here is how I define levels of hunger now, which may change later as I carry on with my weight loss journey.

Craving hunger – I am not hungry but I want to eat or want to eat a certain food.  If the craved food is NYPD compliant I will incorporate it into my next meal. Otherwise, FORGET ABOUT IT!

No hunger – I am not even thinking about eating.

Light hunger – I feel like eating but the feeling is weak. I can just have a glass of water, or get busy and it goes away or I forget about it.

Strong but manageable hunger – I feel a strong hunger which I can fight with a snack, like an apple or a couple of apricots. Or have a glass of water with 2 teaspoons of metamucil. Or find a way to forget about it. I find that weight lifting helps me kill hunger.

Unmanageable hunger – I break down and prepare a small meal – some chicken meat and a salad, maybe even some carbs.


No deviations to the plan to report this week, except I made a really dumb mistake which cost me a couple of pounds of weight loss on Tuesday and Wednesday. I did lower my calories accordingly over the following three days, which seemed to help.

So, what was the mistake? I made broiled Atlantic salmon on Monday and Tuesday evenings, which is way higher in calories and fat than, say, chicken would be. I did not realize that. I had about a 10-oz salmon steak each of those nights, thinking it was healthy and a good substitute for chicken or beef meatballs. And that 10-oz steak didn’t look that big to me either. When I finally got around to updating my meal plan with salmon I felt horrified – each of those salmon steaks had 650 calories and 40 grams of fat! No wonder my weigh loss progress crawled to a grinding halt by Wednesday.

Lesson learned – don’t assume anything and keep a close eye on what you eat and the calories.

Another lesson learned:

Weighing yourself daily helps catch mistakes early on and respond quickly.

Family support

It’s like everyone was just waiting for me to start eating healthy so they can do it too. My entire family now follows my plan, they love eating healthy food and in moderation, and have also experienced weight reduction.

Lessons learned

  • The plan still works! No need to make any adjustments.
  • Don’t assume anything and keep a close eye on calories of the foods you eat.
  • Weighing yourself daily is a great motivator and helps catch mistakes early on.
  • As you body get adjusted to lower calorie intake hunger becomes a non-issue on this plan.
  • Identify and incorporate stress management techniques (this is still to do).

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