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Hello and welcome to my blog.

Every time I visit a new blog I inevitably ask myself this question: what is this blog about? The vision, the goals, the objectives of the blog define what’s in it. Once you answer that question you know whether the blog is worth exploring, following and spending time on.

So, what is Fit Food Addict all about? It’s about a journey.  A journey to lose weight, become fit and healthy. A journey to keep staying fit, healthy and being active. It’s also a journey to establish and maintain good eating habits without sacrificing delicious food.

Food plays an enormous role in my life. I love travelling and experiencing new foods. I love cooking and I love tasty food. But tasty food is dangerous. Despite me cooking relatively healthy food, I’ve always struggled with maintaining healthy weight. The problem hasn’t been so much with what I eat, but with how much I eat. Then there are sweets. I have a sweet tooth. Resisting sweets for me is a challenge.

In my journey to health and fitness I want to find a simple and easy way to always eat healthy, without sacrificing the taste. Food is my joy, and I want to enjoy it for years to come, but without guilt, excess and health consequences.

On my blog you will find:

  • a detailed account of my weight loss progress
  • weekly weight loss meal plans
  • details about the exercises that I do to lose weight
  • weight maintenance progress reports once target weight is attained
  • my past weight loss experiences
  • tons of information on weight loss and fitness to help make informed decisions

If this is the kind of information that would be interest to you, come back and visit again. Join me on my journey. IT’S NEVER TOO LATE!

The new me

Forty something, fit, healthy and well-fed.

Coming soon. I can’t tell how soon, but I am confident it will be soon enough.

The old me

May 11 2017. Forty, obese and in poor shape.

The Beginning - May 11

The Beginning - May 11